Can You Get Real UGG Boots In Sydney?

Published: 05th July 2010
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It's somewhat ironic that if you're looking for UGG boots in Sydney, you might find getting a reasonable price for them a little difficult. Why is this? Mainly because the generic term wasn't patented by an australian, but a mercenary US firm cashing in on the term which for years had been a generic one. None of this matters of course, but it does mean that you may find them a little hard to find than you really want.

So what is an UGG boot? Strangely, if you are visiting, you may think that buying the brand name, UGG in Sydney would be the best thing to do. Perhaps as a gift. This isn't the case. Australians don't tend to see the brand UGG as a particularly good one. Most in sydney would look in a tannery or skinner for UGG boots in sydney.

Find a market selling local woolen goods. This is the best way to get them. Unfortunately, finding UGG boots in Sydney can be fraught with variable prices. You can pay up to $AU400 for a pair that will be no better, or in some cases worse than a pair that cost $AU100 or less. You have a budget, and you will be able to find a shoe to fit that as well as your foot.

If you absolutely must have the brand UGG, then you may wish to look at some out of town outlet stores, as these will undoubtedly be the best bargains. It is cheaper to ind UGG boots in the US in an outlet store than in Australia.

The legal wranglings are currently in process, but the original Ugg boot is a generic term for the style of shoe. This being the case, you will find a number of far better Ugg boots in Sydney than you might in, say Minnesota. It's worth noting that these are seasonal shoes, so don't expect to find them in summer. Indeed, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time if you want the UGG brand and you're in Australia in the Summer.

Larger variety sotres are likely to be the best places to find what you're after. Remember that there are plenty of knock offs of the brand around. This is currently less so in Australia than other places, but it makes looking for UGG boots in Sydney a surprisingly challenging task.


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