Construction Project Safety Plans For Your Site

Published: 14th June 2010
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It's important to note that any construction work you do requires a construction project safety plan. It's that simple. It's also worthy of writing that no job you do is more important than the safety of those working on your site. In essence, what a construction project safety plan does is ensure that if you are ever doing a job that in anyway poses a threat to the safety of your workforce, every effort is made to reduce that threat. Similarly, it ensures that no shortcuts are made in the procedures on site, in planning or execution.

The most important factor of a Construction Project Safety Plans is that if a job cannot be done safely, it shouldn't be done. If it breaks this rule it is ruining any safety procedures you have on site, no matter how good they are.

A construction project safety plan is a way of a designated person or persons to assess and deal with any hazard on any construction site. You need to make sure that there is a qualified person doing this. Parts of this may include chemical hazards, confined spaces, working at heights or personal protective equipment usage.

What's most important here, however, is that your construction project safety plan allows for the proper co-ordination between the workforce and the safety management. This means you will have to ensure proper lines of communication as well as appropriate recording of any accidents, safety tests and other documentation showing due diligence.

Training your workforce is a key area where construction project safety plan comes into effect. Remember that the most important thing about planning safety is that you avoid dangers on site. If this means additional training, then so be it. Inspectors often find great joy in assessing training levels of workers, as it's often the best way to assess the general awareness of the site.

So what about the person involved in this process? What kind of a person are we looking at to ensure the smooth running of a construction project safety plan? This person not only has to have the organizational skills to run a project like this, but needs to be particularly knowledgeable in safety procedures, particularly those relating to the safety of your site particularly. This could include working at heights, or demolitions, depending on your site. They must ensure compliance with safety and health standards throughout the course of the construction project safety plan, and therefore must be well versed in those. Similarly, they must make safety inspections, and correlate safety data with the appropriate persons on site.

Going back to the original point, if a job cannot be done safety, then it should not be done. The whole point of a construction project safety plan is that we make these jobs possible by making them safer.


Ensafe Planning Solutions provides a downloadable construction health and safety plan for construction contractors who are unable to write their own due to lack of time, money or knowledge. The plan is compliant with current US OSHA legislation and can be easily and promptly customized to any construction site in the United States.

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